Elecktor Voter List Conversion Service 

Provides voter list in native language and english for easy analysis

Trump did that in 2017. Imran Khan did that in 2018. It was all Data Data Data.

Ainsight’s Voter List is a Conversion service, transforming the pdf provided by the Election Commission of India into a database. It enables an intelligent analysis of the electorate, giving insights into the make-up of the voters.


The Voter List converted into a database or spreadsheet suddenly brings the individual voter into focus. One can now quickly group voters by locality or family or ethnicity or age groups or as supporters or as opposition and immediately get an estimate of their chance of winning the election.

Such analysis will also identify areas where the main work will be required, whether it is localities or whether it is communities or whether it is with the youth or whether older generations. The fundamental strategy will start to emerge from the data churn.

Based on the voter list data and perceived vote banks, one can also identify weak and strong spots and plan strategies to address each.

‘What if’ analyses can be created to evaluate different approaches. What-if we can get 60% of the youth under 25 to vote for us? And what-if we can get 50% of women above 25 to vote for us? What-if we can swing these 40 localities in our favour? How many votes can we then get? And How many will go to the opposition? What-if we get 60% of the Slum votes?

Tagging, Sorting and filtering the voter list opens up the reality of different situations, including political gerrymandering in the last delimitation, tactics the opposition can use to eat away my vote bank, Election Day negative tactics. No politics is above these and only a dive into data can throw up realisation.

The Voter List is a perfect starting point, enabling a characterisation of the electorate. Age and Sex profile, Economic profile, Ethnicity and other clustering.

Tagging and Grouping

Tagging and Grouping enables characterisation of the electorate, providing insights from a micro level as opposed to a gross level conception.

  • Ainsight’s conversion service includes the following tags at the Electoral part / booth level :
  • Ethnicity %, Urban / Rural, Slum Dominated Y/N

User can Tag each voter in their selected groupings for eg. Age group, Locality, Economic strata, Community, Caste, Ethnicity, Religion, Social groups, Single family, Groups benefitted with past services rendered, Groups affected by Gerrymandering, Supporter, Opposition or Neutral.


Based on voter numbers, post tagging, sorting and filtration, one could nominate Locality Champions or Electoral Part managers or Polling Booth managers within localities, to roll out the Strategy, at the ground level.

Major Attributes available are ▴

  • 1. State name
  • 2. Parliamentary Constituency Name
  • 3. Parliamentary Constituency Number
  • 4. Assembly Constituency Name
  • 5. Assembly Constituency Number
  • 6. Booth No
  • 7. Roll No
  • 8. Voter ID
  • 9. Name(Local Language)
  • 10. Name(English)
  • 11. Age
  • 12. Gender
  • 13. Relative Name(Local Language)
  • 14. Relative Name(English)
  • 15. Relation
  • 16. Door No
  • 17. Address(Local Language)
  • 18. Address(English)
  • 19. Pincode