Our Story

Today, data is becoming easily available from multiple sources. The Government is keen to publish datasets for public consumption. Companies are putting forth, information about their products and sales / service networks on their websites. Companies are also capturing information about every transaction and making it available for analysis inside the organization. In short, the cost of data is plummeting.

At the same time it is becoming harder and harder to make sense of these mammoth datasets. While cost of data is plummeting, price of insights derived from data is increasing rapidly. Companies want to match their internal data with data available outside the organization. AInsight believes, that Maps are the perfect platform to bring these datasets together, minimize duplicity, visualize them and derive intelligent conclusions from them.

Data compiled from publicly available sources and integrated on mapping platform allows evaluation of economic potential of each area and identifying high growth areas. High potential / high growth districts, tehsils, towns and areas within cities can now be algorithmically determined.

Time series snapshots of nightlight picture of India identify high potential/growth areas at quarter sqkm granularity (light emitted by a geography is a good proxy for economic activity). GPS heatmaps are showing traffic patterns and movements inside cities, allowing to build microlevel strategy inside cities e.g. In Mumbai, in areas which are getting upgraded from middle to high economic potential, the preferred channel for ice-cream marketing is changing. The Chemist is becoming preferred channel in these areas visa-vis the grocer. In Mumbai MMR this is currently happening in Thane / Mulund Belt and Nerul to Kharghar belt. Building strategy around this shift is essential to capture low hanging fruits.

Data driven analysis instead of hunch or guesswork marketing will become a potent weapon in the hands of visionary marketers. Running AI algorithms against these ever increasing datasets will usher in a new era and AInsight is poised to travel down this path. We have taken our first baby steps, but are raring to start running.