Competition Index 

Provides pan-India variation in competition strength

Finding out competitors’ locations and identifyingweak spots in their network are important inputs for marketing strategy. Competitor locations are also a deciding factor in selecting new outlet locations or rationalization of retail footprint. This dataset is ideal for such needs.

Superimposing our competitor retail network data on top of pincodewise prosperity index and traffic patterns allows one to identify gaps in the enterprise / retail networks, identifying ideal locations for enhanced retail presence.

One can now pinpoint a company’s retail strengths and competitors’ weaknesses. Current business when benchmarked against demographic and prosperity data, enables ’ground relaity’ insight, derive business trends and formulate strategy.

Industries Covered ▴

We have mapped retail network of major players in following industries:

  • 1. Quick Service Restaurants
  • a. McDonald's
  • b. Domino's
  • c. Pizza Hut
  • d. Cafe Coffee Day
  • e. Subway
  • f. KFC
  • g. Starbucks
  • h. Burger King
  • 2. Two wheeler Dealers & Service Stations
  • a. Hero Motors
  • b. Honda
  • c. Bajaj
  • d. Eicher
  • e. TVS
  • 3. Four wheeler Dealers & Service Stations
  • a. Maruti
  • b. Hyundai
  • c. Tata Motors
  • d. Mahindra
  • e. BMW
  • f. Skoda
  • g. Fiat
  • h. Chrysler
  • i. Toyota
  • j. Volkswagon
  • k. General Motors
  • l. Ford
  • m. Mercedes Benz
  • n. Audi
  • o. Renault
  • p. Nissan

Intra-City Competition Index Estimates ▴

AInsight has created retail networks of different industries for entire India. Chart below shows intra-city variation in competition strength for Quick Service Restaurants.