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Elecktor Boothwise Results

Elecktor Boothwise Results 

Provides boothwise results for last few elections for micro level planning

It’s the battle of the Polling Booths. Modern election warfare combines the best of the digital world with the ground reality of local peculiarities, as the fight comes down to winning the election, polling booth by Polling Booth.

The Polling Booth is the smallest locality of relevance in the bigger boundary of the constituency. Each polling booth represents a set 1000 voters from one locality. And the way, Indian society and residential patterns have evolved, implies that, more often than not, a polling booth represents a homogeneity, a similarity of the electorate. The voters of one polling booth, can often be characterised, as of supporters of one particular candidate or party.

Data of votes cast in each polling booth has been made available by the Election Commission of India. Ainsight has sorted this data and layered it out on a Geographical background. This now enables the prospective candidate to see the pattern of voting in each election, whether Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha, for all the years where the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were deployed.

Which way did the votes of a particular locality go? Which locality came out strongly in support of a particular candidate? Cluster of which polling booths was lost by a Big margin. Which areas demonstrated unstinting support? Which polling booths were ambivalent?

There is no better insight than the ground reality of something as tangible as the voting pattern of past elections at the micro granularity of the polling booth.

Ainsight Elecktor Boothwise Results brings to life, the cold data of the EVM, transforming tables into Action Items.

Major Attributes available are ▴

  • 1. State name
  • 2. Parliamentary Constituency Name
  • 3. Parliamentary Constituency Number
  • 4. Assembly Constituency Name
  • 5. Assembly Constituency Number
  • 6. Booth No
  • 7. Booth Type (Urban/Rural)
  • 8. Total Voters
  • 9. Voters Male
  • 10. Voters Female
  • 11. Past Election Results (election type, election year, Total Voters, Polled Votes, winning party, losing party, %winning margin)

Past Election Resuts▴

Past Boothwise Election results are available for each constituency. One can easily check different scenarios, strategize and decide who can be strategic partners. One can also unearth changing trends across years which can be used to your advantage.

Rohaniya Assembly Constituency boothwise election results for last five elections (2019, 2017, 2014, 2012, 2009) are presented below.

PS No Polling Station Name 2019
Winner (Margin %) Winner (Margin %) Winner (Margin %) Winner (Margin %) Winner (Margin %)
 Winning Margin < 10%  Winning Margin 10% to 25%  Winning Margin > 25%

Past Election Result Maps ▴

Chart below shows past election boothwise results for Rohaniya Assembly Constituency in Uttar Pradesh.